Summer school UM

Summer School UM 2021

Last July, Université de Rennes 1 and Politecnico di Milano organized the EIT Urban Mobility Summer school which was held online because of the sanitary situation. The topic was “Overcoming transition barriers and avoiding negative impact for vulnerable population “. The EIT Urban mobility master students worked in teams for two weeks on different projects based on business cases provided by startupers, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

From October 28th to 31st, the students had the opportunity to meet in Rennes for 3 days to work on their project and pitch them in front of a jury. The quality of the presentation as well as their commitment were very appreciated.

Finally, to close the onsite part of the Summer School, students had the pleasure to visit Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel. The onsite part of the EIT Urban Mobility summer school has been a great and fun experience for all the participants, students and organizers included! We are all looking forward to the next Summer School in 2022!

Summer School UM