Master of computer science, specialization in cybersecurity

The specialization in cybersecurity is training specialists skilled in assessing and ensuring security of information infrastructure

  1. What is cybersecurity?
  2. Skills taught in the cybersecurity curriculum
  3. A team of experienced and well recognized instructors

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the security in computer systems, and as such its domain encompasses not only almost all the devices in our personal environment: computers, smartphones, tablets, smart cards, key fobs, but also infrastructures such as power grids, water supply systems, etc.
Therefore cybersecurity extends far beyond the Internet.

Skills taught in the cybersecurity curriculum

The courses taught in the curriculum are dealing with the following main topics:

  • Network architecture and administration
  • Cryptographic architectures and protocols
  • Methodology for the design of secure architectures
  • Cyberattacks and cyberdefense
  • Cybersecurity for the Internet of things
  • Software engineering techniques for cybersecurity

Upon completion of the two years of the master in cybersecurity, students will be able to design, code, validate and manage new secure architectures or assess and correct existing architectures to protect them from cyberthreats.

The application domain is wide, ranging from large scale cloud applications to Internet of things devices.
The curriculum is training students to become professional cybersecurity experts.
Students can also choose to prepare a PhD thesis in cybersecurity after the master in cybersecurity.

A team of experienced and well recognized instructors

A system is only as secure as its weakest part.
This implies that all facets of the systems must be taken into account: hardware, software and network, together with human staholders: users, system architects, lawyers, etc.

The university of Rennes 1 has experts in all the domains that regard cybersecurity, and also has strong partnerships with relevant institutions at the Bretagne region level (pôle d’excellence cyberbreton).
The instructors of the curriculum come therefore from a community of researchers that are well recognized in the international cybersecurity community.