Presentation of ISTIC

ISTIC is a training and research unit of the University of Rennes 1, which brings together teacher-researchers in computer science and electronics. As such, ISTIC has a dual vocation of teaching and research.

A strong synergy between teaching, research and business

ISTIC teachers are partly from the research world (teacher-researchers or researchers) and partly from industry (engineers, project managers, etc.). This mix guarantees training in the technologies of the future in perfect harmony with the expectations of the job market.
ISTIC occupies a privileged position within the Rennes Atalante technopole and the Images et Réseaux competitiveness cluster: 250 companies from the IT, telecommunications and media sectors, world leaders (Alcatel Lucent, Orange, Technicolor, etc.), service companies, SMEs and start-ups.
ISTIC is part of a network of local, national and international industrial and service companies. These companies offer a wide range of in-school internships and post-graduate jobs. Every year, with the assistance of the internship department, more than 400 students from our training courses complete an internship in a company: these "professional" periods are an integral part of their training.
In more than two out of three cases, internship periods lead to recruitment and in any case, within 6 months after obtaining their diploma, the vast majority of graduates find a job.
ISTIC is entitled to receive the apprenticeship tax, which provides substantial support for the quality of training (partnership, purchase of hardware and software).