Business Development Lab 2

Learning Objectives

The course unit “Business Development Lab 2" is part of the module in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and it is a compulsory unit of the CCS program.

This course is a weekly supervised workshop on new innovative business creation. The Business Development Lab lets students work in teams on the development of a ICT business project. This course is mainly concentrated on project work throughout the main phases of a new venture. In addition the Business Development Lab contains applied lectures from academics and practitioners.
After completion of this module, the students should be able to demonstrate ability to:

  • Apply the learned knowledge for development of a new product or business concept.
  • Recognize diverse obstacles in transforming an idea or technology into a business project.
  • Invent or find solutions to address and solve the project main challenges (customer problem, functionality, business model, development…).
  • Work in teams and to reflect upon team processes.
  • Drive his project according to the dimensions of (1) customer problem/solution discovery (including in relation to the product technical development) and (2) market discovery (related to strategic thinking) in ways that are relevant for the situation.
  • Use analytical business skills to recognize, assess and/or develop business opportunities in relation to all dimensions covered in his project: market, customers, competition, environment and human, material and technical resources.
  • Relate the value proposed in his project to all relevant stakeholders including producers, customers, shareholders, communities, ecological systems and policies as appropriate.


Alvaro Pina Stranger (alvaro-ignacio [dot] pina-strangeratirisa [dot] fr)